Loyal Customers.

    Get More. Keep More.

  • Introducing the LoyalShout Platform


    The LoyalShout platform allows brick and mortar businesses to maximize sales,

    increase customer lifetime value and retain more loyal customers.
    Our solution enables you to run the same kinds of sophisticated loyalty programs and automated marketing campaigns as the national chains - but at a fraction of the cost.
    You'll keep customers happy, and they'll keep coming back. 






    Define and segment your customers. Gain insight into their purchases. Turn average customers into loyal buyers.




    Give customers a reason to return with personalized campaigns instead of generic message blasts.




    Boost sales and loyalty with automated

    trigger-based campaigns that won't add work to your day.

  • One Platform. Multiple Options.

    a complete suite of tools for customer engagement

    Engage at Point of Purchase 


    Twelve Seconds

    is All it Takes

    Engage customers with our cloud based digital rewards tablet, track customer visits, incentivize purchases and send targeted personalized messages.


    One-time paytrons are encouraged to return, infrequent customers to come more frequently becoming loyal regulars.


    Collect Purchase Data


    Capture Data Without Costly POS Integration

    Collect purchase data via our LoyalShout Elite platform.


    Capture, track and segment each customer's actual value to your business.


    Don't just guess - actually know WHO, WHAT, WHEN and HOW OFTEN each customer buys.


    Connect with Customers


    Automated Trigger-Based Campaigns

    LoyalShout provides a full suite of marketing tools within one platform.


    We can integrate your customer database with customized loyalty reward programs, plus 

    help build customer profiles, email marketing, text messaging, and POS offers - all of which are tracked for ROI. 


    Make Loyalty Profitable


    Get the Right Message to the Right Customer

    Eliminate one-size-fits-all coupons or message blasting the same offer to everyone on your list.


    Instead, separate price sensitive buyers and differentiate offers. Target to maximize return and minimize cost.


    Increase sales and retain more loyal customers.


  • Every Customer Counts

    statistics show that businesses that employ a loyalty program

    generate 5% in extra sales just by having a program   

    It costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. 


    Bain & Company

    A repeat customer spends 67% more than a new one.




    5% increase in customer retention can increase profitability by 75%.


    Bain & Company

  • Not All Customers are Created Equal

    the key is learning who the good ones are and keep them coming back



    (below is just a fun example, but you'll get the point)

    1. Your Business

     You promote your burger business with a groupon. "Joe" redeems one for a big burger on a Saturday.

    2. Joe enrolls

    Joe enrolls on your tablet app or you sign him up on your merchant app, and get his purchase information.

    3. You Email Joe

    You send a CUSTOMIZED offer to return (you now know Joe buys groupons for burgers on weekends.) 

    4. Joe returns

    Joe comes back because he can't resist an offer for your awesome big burgers!

    5. Cha-ching!

    You just saved all the $$$ you would have paid to groupon. LoyalShout rules!

    6. do it again

    Keep collecting info about customers, sending more personalized offers, making loyal, happy customers!

  • Designed to Give Small Business Big Results

    LoyalShout was built for brick and mortar businesses with repeat customers

    Does LoyalShout cost a lot?


    No. We have plans for all budgets starting at $79/month.

    I'm new to loyalty. Will LoyalShout help me?


    Yes! Each client is assigned a dedicated Account Pro. 

    Is there a limit to the campaigns I can run?


    No. We offer an unlimited plan.

    What about franchises or multiple locations?


    We customize the look for you, so your customers will only see your branding.

    Who owns my customer data?


    You do. You can download it anytime and use it any way you want.

    My customers prefer texts. Can I do that?


    Yes. Our platfrom integrates email and text messaging.

    Can I create my own loyalty program?


    Yes. Unlike our competitors, it's all customizable.

    What about business groups like chambers?


    LoyalShout is flexible enough to work for all types of business groups.

    Will I need costly POS integration?


    No. We connect with our own servers using the internet.

    Will I need to purchase additional hardware?


    Our startup kit includes everything you need.

    Will I have to sign a longterm agreement?


    No. We have both annual and monthly plans.

    How is giving away rewards profitable?


    Sign up below for a LoyalShout demo and

    you'll see!

  • Certified in Leading Technology

    LoyalShout partners with some of the leading customer loyalty technology providers

  • Pricing as Low as $59/month

    contact us for a short demo that has long term benefits